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Supporting & Building great ventures in Australia

How do you find ventures at the right time, who need your services, and who can pay you in the way you need to be paid?

You know yourself that building a venture represents a wonderful opportunity for career and financial independence, lifestyle and freedom of choice, to realise your dreams and your vision of yourself. It’s not a journey that should be taken lightly or without due diligence, planning and a strong vision. Planning a safe path through the minefield takes skill, perspective, expertise, and experience. 

And in doing so, startups can be challenging, on finances, relationships, and on the founders. It will probably take twice as long, be twice as hard and cost twice as much as they might expect. 

The biggest cause of why most ventures that start, but never succeed (even where they have product/market fit) is that the founder(s) runs out of personal runway before they discover the path to profit. 

Founders get paid last from profit, and they can only pay for services to help grow their venture, from either capital raised, or revenue generated.

For early-stage businesses who have neither, that can be a problem (for both you and them)… Or is it?

And in this industry of competing services, there are those who will seek to tap into the equity and financial reserves for their own immediate gain, potentially at the expense of the business success for the founder.

Let’s face it. – In the whole value chain of venture creation, no-one in the chain (investors, founders, mentors, advisors, services providers etc.) gets paid unless the ventures succeed.

Yet people produce at their best when they connect & collaborate and are inspired to drive themselves, rather than compete or be driven. 

What if there was a way to work with a portfolio of startups, in a way that increases their chances of success, still get paid, and also share in the upside of the success of the portfolio, in a way that is fair for both the ventures and you? 

How would that help to grow and expand your business services, value & opportunities?

The creation and success of ventures in Australia, requires a new model

Outputs from mentors & advisors should be inputs of accelerators, and so on:

But collaboration needs the right mindset & commitment to success

Our opportunity is to:

  • Collaborate in business (Just like we do socially)
  • Mentor and Partner for success – (and still get paid)
  • Focus on outcomes which continue to build our businesses and the ecosystem

What does ‘Real Opportunity’ look like?

  • A century ago, Henry Ford copied the agricultural industry by mechanising the automotive production line of the motor car, and created in 10 years……
  • An entire massive industrial ecosystem, not just in car production, but also in downstream & upstream providers, from parts & petroleum, to road networks & services providers like mechanics, servicing, parts….

What opportunities will MASSIVE SUCCESS create in our ecosystem?

  • Massive volume, massive successes, major re-investment, will spawn large numbers of successful founders, advisors, early-hires and investors, who themselves re-contribute to the ecosystem with money, expertise, networks & knowledge.
  • In short, how do we “make the pie bigger”, and “bake more pies”?

That’s what the Venture Success Network is all about.

  • Tapping into a group of inspired founders, at the right time
  • Working in concert with other collaborative services providers across the whole spectrum
  • Who have a collaborative, collegiate, ‘abundance’ mindset
  • To improve the volume, quality, speed and likelihood of success of these founders
  • And then share in their success.

What’s in the ‘Venture Success Network’ for you?

  • A deal Pipeline you can monetize
  • Fee for service for delivering services, training & support to founders
  • An earn in share of an equity portfolio of startups with StartUp Foundation
  • Participating in advisory Boards with others, with earn in/buy-in options
  • No commissions payable for introductions, recommendations or partnerships 
  • Ongoing collateral & promotion on the website and through Startup Foundation media 
  • Master Class delivery opportunities with revenue share 
  • Extensive media, marketing and networking opportunities for your own business.

Why should you act now?

There has never been a better time in the Australian startup ecosystem, to encourage, inspire, develop and invest in aspiring founders.

And if we do that well, we’ll all access a greater volume of better qualified, more successful, faster growing and validated ventures.

Come and discover the investable opportunities with your peers.

If what we’ve described is what you want, then now is the time.

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